Lady Gaga Is Dating A Guy Who Is Really, Really Hot

We've already made it clear that we think Lady Gaga's sister is correct (for the correct way to use correct, check out our guide to Fashion Week catchphrases!). Well, now it looks like there's another beautiful person in the Gaga orbit, courtesy of the singer's co-star in her "You And I" music video. Enter, male model and actor Taylor Kinney, who you might remember from his role as a sexy werewolf on The Vampire Diaries. Stefani Germanotta must be playing the right love games—Daily Mail reports that she's been spotted with Kinney three days in a row over in California. How her former NYC dude, Luc Carl, feels about this remains to be seen, but to us, the two couldn't look any different. No word on whether Kinney's is hooking up with Joe Calderone, too.

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