Feel That? It’s Lace-Up Shoe Season Coming Around Again

It might not be wise to leave the house without a jacket yet, but you've slowly started phasing your tights out. Soon, it's going to be full-on bare-legs weather, which also means the exhumation of your favorite pair of shoes from last year: the lace-up ones. Without the leg-squashing effects of a gladiator, but a step up in glamour from basic pumps and flats, these lace-up shoes were on the feet of every well-dressed girl you saw last summer. Subtle, sexy, and sturdy, too, these shoes married comfort with good looks — and you know how rare it is for a trend to be both of those things!
To get you in the mood as you wait for the temperature to rise those last 10 degrees, we're showcasing some of our favorite outfits featuring this favored footwear. Brace yourself to lace yourself, ahead.

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