This Exists: You Can Play Kreayshawn Dress-Up With This New Game

So, we’ve already solidified the fact that Oakland rapper Kreayshawn isn’t exactly a gleaming example of sensational style. But the outspoken artist definitely has at least a few sartorial tricks up her sleeve. If you’re going to sport sequined Minnie Mouse ears, hey, we guess you better rock 'em shamelessly — à la Kreay-Kreay.
But the latest and greatest in Kreayshawn-related news comes to us in form of this ridiculous, albeit amusing, dress-up game, aptly named Kreayshawn’s Closet.
So, just what will you find lurking in the rapper’s e-wardrobe? The usual suspects: a "Bucci" shirt, malt liquor, black-rimmed glasses, a gallon of milk, a blunt, an oversized Fred Flinstone sweater, a random pair of reindeer antlers, and lots more.
We dare you to try out the (somewhat addicting) game, and share your Kreay-ation with the world. You know we'll be doing the same.

Photo: Via Kreaysawn

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