How To Dance Like A K-Pop Star: R29 Editors Break It Down

We almost can't help our obsession with K-Pop music. Hit us with the right song, and we're humming it all day long, to our coworkers', friends', and fellow subway riders' delight (naturally). But, we know that these Korean (Chinese and Taiwanese, too) music stars are working with more than just a catchy hook. They've got moves. And, they're way more advanced than the hip shaking and booty dropping we like to practice in the comfort of our own homes. So, we called in backup.
Just like we learned to break it down Beyoncé-style last year, the R29 editors headed to I Love Dance in Flushing, Queens where MJ Choi taught us a bit about what it takes to dance like a K-Pop star. For starters, go to YouTube: The choreography used for K-Pop groups is owned by the artists' management, like YG Entertainment, Choi tells us, and dancers all over the world have picked it up simply by viewing videos over and over again. Next: Put in the work. Choi — who's holding a massive K Pop dance showcase this month — also says that artists may train for about five years before making their debut. Hey, what we lack in years, we make up for in enthusiasm, right? Watch four of us learn how to break it down just like the girls of 2NE1.

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