23 Styling Tips We Learned From Korean Shopping Sites

Thanks to the Internet, we can all easily access and be exposed to trends from around the world instantly. From our explore pages on Instagram to bloggers and celebrities streaming live and Snapping their daily #OOTDs, it's not unlikely that the most popular clothing and accessories in one part of the world end up becoming just as popular in the opposite hemisphere. And for that reason, we're starting to take notes on not only trends, but styling tips, too.
Lately, I've been browsing the lookbooks and product pages of the Korean brands and retailers I typically shop from, like StyleNanda and Fig Collective, for inspiration. While some of them open my eyes to specific items I never thought of trying, like corset belts or velvet track pants, others have shown me knew ways to wear pieces I already own, like T-shirts or down jackets. So many may see them as simple e-commerce sites, but to me, they're a treasure trove of creative styling tips and tricks.
To get in on the fun, I've rounded up some of the best outfits I've seen lately. Think of this as a little collection of style ingenuity for when you're not feeling inspired by your current wardrobe.

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