KKW Beauty Just Dropped A Major Flash Sale— But You Better Act Fast

Know what gets our add-to-cart trigger fingers itchy? The chance to simultaneously cop no-brainer eyeshadow sticks and cut into Kris Jenner's 10%. That's exactly the treat being served by KKW Beauty for Halloween this year, as the brand has just dropped one of its biggest price-slashing flash sales.
Out of nowhere, the brand announced a buy one, get one free sale on IG Stories today, starring one of the easiest KKW Beauty products to use, the KKW x Argenis Crème Color Sticks.
Five matte and metallic shades (which span the spectrum from pale gold to pigmented black) can be purchased individually ($18) or as a set ($80). For those doing the math, that's less than ten bucks a shade, a first for the priced-as-prestige brand. Just like that, we don't have to choose between a metallic copper for an instant party look or matte oxblood for smoky eyes done outside the box. What's more, we can tackle our favorite kind of holiday shopping (one for me, one for you) without additional damage to our checking accounts.
While choosing which shades to shop may have you toggling between images and lost in tutorial videos on the product page (of which there are plenty), be forewarned: time is of the essence if you want to get in on the goods. For one, only a limited number of these babies were produced upon release (in a collaboration with Argenis Pinal, season one winner of the Kardashian-produced show Glam Masters). Secondly, this sale turns into a pumpkin on Halloween at 11:59 p.m., Pacific time.
As of now, all five shades (whether sold as singles or a set) are available for the taking, but you know that won't last. The upshot? There's a reward for shopping on Kim's clock: Getting our work wives' and besties' holiday presents purchased before we even flip our calendars to November is all pretty unprecedented, so don't mind if we do.
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