How To Organize Your Awkward Kitchen: Secrets From A Pro

If you don't have easy access to tools and ingredients in the kitchen, there's a slim chance you'll muster the motivation to whip up even the simplest bowl of quinoa. Every whisk, funnel, and can opener ought to have its own place. But, that's easier said than done in weird city apartments where cabinets are often not wide enough to house pans and counter space is scarce.
So, we called upon organization and design expert Jeffrey Phillip (he's fixed Katie Couric and Gayle King's closet conundrums) to take a look at R29er Natalie Fine's Williamsburg kitchen which was yearning for some organizing TLC. Natalie's always loved to cook, but being unable to fit a sauce pan in her top cabinets and having zero room to cut up vegetables deterred her from stocking up on dry goods. There were a host of small-space dilemmas that Jeffrey immediately spotted. But, there were also solutions to maximize the space and store smarter. Ahead, all his genius tips and product picks to make you actually want to seize that spatula and live up to your hostess potential — even if you're just pulling dish ware for takeout. Because there's nights for that, too.

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