5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 04 2013

Take advantage of our fair city's unlimited access to some of brightest up-and-coming music stars around and swing by Mercury Lounge this Saturday night to listen to acoustic-meets-electric sextet Kingsley Flood. You'll get a great night, and you can brag to all your coworkers about discovering the next big thing. (Ticketmaster)
In the newest issue of V Magazine girl-of-the-hour Lena Dunham discusses the wonders of being a celebrity, including nabbing tons of free clothes. This is us, not being jealous...(The Cut)
If you thought job interviews were tough, try being a pup on the waiting list for the Ruff Club. The brand new EV puppy lounge is opening its doors to neighborhood fidos and their owners — but you'll have to get through the application process first. (The New York Times)
This March, music names like Talib Kweli and The Roots will team up to honor the man, the myth, the legend...Prince. Get ready to finally get your "Purple Rain" fix. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Rarely do we get the giggles from morning T.V., but yesterday's gaff from Meredith Viera was just too cute for words. We miss you, girl! (E! Online)

Photo: Via Kingsley Flood