Shake, Rattles, & Roll: Brooklyn Hosts A Music Festival For…Babies?

The New York Times Style section is always dependable for entertaining stories on the ridiculous trends of the day — summer camp wax parties and the year of the bang, to name a few. Their newest uncovering has us saying "awww," and then feeling a little perplexed. Over the weekend, NYT photogs visited Kindiefest, a three-day music conference in Brooklyn, to shoot some street style. The catch? It was a festival for kids, and the street style subjects were of the seven-and-under variety.
Highlights included little Zachary sporting a blue fedora and plaid shirt, and four-year-old Josie Devlin, who picked out her vintage dress herself and gave her mother instructions on how to tailor it. Chic! But just for the record, we've been hip to this tip since... well, we were kids (if our tattoo necklaces and puffy skirts count!). What do you think: Is this story oh-so-cute, or just a bit too much? (On The Runway)

Photo: Via On The Runway