Kim Kardashian Dishes Her Fave Top-Secret Beauty Tips

Kim Kardashian is a bona fide icon. Her revealing W cover may have made her cry, but the images are legendary and certainly upped her fashion cred. Now that she's debuted her first jewelry collection, Belle Noel, we caught up with the multi-tasker at Revolve Clothing where she was happy to show us her collection and dish about her top-secret beauty must-haves, her fitness tips, real versus fake, and how she's trying to lay low.

What's the best mascara out there? Give us some tips for your infamous lashes.
KK: I change it up a lot. Today I didn't curl my lashes, and I'm not into wearing false lashes right now. Right now I'm loving Loreal Voluminous, it's honestly just how you apply it.


So those are real?
KK: Yeah....

KK: You know I've worn fake lashes for so long that people assume they're fake. So when I take them off, people are always surprised and like "Those aren't extensions? Or fake?" And I'm like No! I'm trying to tone it down these days.
Tell us about the process of creating your first jewelry line, Belle Noel.
KK: It's been about a good year in the making, just designing and creating the entire line. I'm really picky so I just wanted to make sure we had the right manufacturers and the right metals. I wanted to mix that bit of edgy rocker with a bit of the glitz and the glam, which is so signature-me. I wanted to put stones with mixed leathers, I like the different textures, and having pieces that can just kind of just funk up an outfit a little bit.

You're always keeping up on your fitness, so is there any jewelry that you work out in?

KK: I don't workout in jewelry, I think it's distracting. I think it would hurt, especially with the dagger necklace.

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