Watch These 8-Year-Olds Read Luxury Fashion Ads To Filth

Photo: Courtesy of Yolanda Domínguez.
It's no secret that kids say the darndest things, but the youngsters in the video you are about to see are so frank and uncensored, it's almost difficult to watch (in the best possible way). In Niños vs. Moda ["Children vs. Fashion"], Madrid-based artist Yolanda Domínguez asked one of the most honest focus groups out there — a group of 8-year-olds — to look at fashion ads and describe what they saw.

The answers are so painfully hilarious to watch, you'll feel like you're witnessing an epic shade-throwing contest, rather than a telling social experiment. In no particular order, here are some of the one-liners that gave us life:
"Maybe she is drunk."

"She seems to have an illness. Because her arm is, like, here. And her shoulder is,"

"I'd tell her to cheer up and not be sad."

"There's a girl taking a shit. No, it's a man."

"If I was in that situation myself and I was passing by, I'd try to help her and take her to the doctor."

And our favorite:
"She was in the changing room and the floor was wet from mopping, but nobody put a warning sign, and she slipped over." [In response to the Miu Miu's spring 2015 ads, featuring Mia Goth.]

But according to Take Part, as entertaining as their reactions may be, the subtext behind their opinions exposes an obvious truth that no one's really talking about. Writer Liz Dwyer claims luxury fashion ads contain sexist imagery, which is something you might well have recognized, but it's noteworthy that children picked up on it. Additionally, it's interesting to point out how often dead-looking women appear in some of the most iconic fashion advertisements these days.

Watch the video below to hear more, and tell us these are not the shady-est kids you've ever seen.
Video: Courtesy of Yolanda Domínguez.

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