Why You (And Your Aura) Need Khirma Eliazov's Newest Clutch

We're well versed in the cathartic benefits of a much-deserved shopping trip, but one New York designer is giving retail therapy a whole new meaning. Khirma Eliazov has created the Batasha Clutch, which has a clasp made from a Dorje, a Buddhist symbol representing the "thunderbolt of enlightenment."
Eliazov, whose namesake boutique has been a West Village staple for some time, found inspiration when a friend gave her a Dorje on a trip to Bhutan. The intricately designed object is intended to garner positive energy, while bringing peace and wisdom to its carrier. Eliazov found the Dorje to be so important that she has released a limited collection of 100 Batasha Clutches.
The handheld purses are available exclusively at Eliazov's Charles Street boutique for $1295. It's a splurge, but just think about all the positive energy you'll be drawing into your life. Oh, and how chic your new accessory will look with just about anything.
Images: Courtesy of Khirma Eliazov

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