Exclusive: Kelly Osbourne Talks Sweat Stains, Madonna, And Loving S.F.

Kelly Osbourne

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory

Rock 'n' roll heiress Kelly Osbourne has been on the road of late, hitting all the major cities in a quest to find the next face of Madonna's teen-tastic clothing line, Material Girl. Naturally, San Francisco was on Miss O's agenda, and we were right there with her as she judged potential Bay Area candidates at the Macy's in Union Square. Peep our Q&A below, to see what the current face of Material Girl — and Fashion Police host — has to say about working with the most famous mother-daughter designing duo on the planet, her upcoming role as an aunt, and the most offensive fashion faux pas that she's ever committed.

The Material Girl line has a vintage feel to it — does your style come from a similar place?

"Definitely. I think I take my style from all walks of life, and all generations and decades of life as well. I love mixing '50s with '80s and classic with punk. And i think that’s what this line embodies. It allows you to rework the same pieces in different ways so people don’t realize that you’ve worn it before. I mean, I wear the same thing all the time — if I’m at home, I’m in sweatpants. I don’t care. But when you go out, you want something that’s versatile."

What excites you the most about being the face of Material Girl?

"To have Madonna ask you to be the face of her brand, that’s the coolest thing ever. As a young girl who grew up idolizing her and thinking that she was the be-all and end-all of how women should be, being the face of Material Girl is the greatest honor I’ve ever had."

From your experience working alongside Madonna and Lola, would you ever collaborate on something with your own mom?

"My whole life is like a big collaboration with my mother. And we love working together, but we both work very differently. She’s got so much going on at the same time and it often ends up becoming a bit of a nightmare. But I’ll always work with my mother. My mom is my manager or mommy-ger I’d say."


How excited are you to be an aunt? Are you going to be in charge of dressing your brother's baby?
"Oh, I’m so excited! And no, that’s Lisa's [Jack Osbourne's fiancé] job, but I will definitely have my input. I can’t wait to find out what it is. Everyone’s really excited — seriously that’s the only thing we talk about in my family right now. And just watching my brother become a man overnight and seeing how much he loves a girl and how well he looks after her, and how much of a gentleman he is...I’m very proud."

You're a member of the Fashion Police, but what’s the worst fashion faux pas that you've personally committed?

"Sweat stains on clothes! I’ll never be one of these girls who could walk into anything and say, 'I can do this!' I always get nervous. I always get scared. I’m even nervous about judging these girls for this contest! You never want to disappoint, you never want to say that wrong thing. I get nervous and then I start sweating. People literally interview me on the red carpet and I’m like dabbing my top lip, trying to be subtle about it. I’m like oh my God, get me out!"

So do you get nervous when you do a taping of Fashion Police?

"No, because Joan is just so funny! We’re like a family now. It’s mainly a comedy show based on fashion and it's one of those things where you have to have a sense of humor about yourself."

Have you ever been to San Francisco before? If so, what are your must-do's when you're in town?

"I’ve been to San Francisco probably about 27 times in my life. My mother is obsessed with San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus — she says it’s the best Neiman Marcus, but I’m more into going to the hippie areas like Haight Street and such."

Since you've been traveling all over the place, what song or album do you have on repeat on your iPod?

"Whenever I get on the plane, that’s really the only time I get to sleep, so I’ve been listening Adele’s new album, because it calms me down. Her music is very soothing to me!"