5 Minutes With Katy Perry’s Makeup Artist

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There are certain people in the beauty world who we can always rely on to offer up some kick-ass, out-of-the-box looks. One of these wondrous unicorns is Katy Perry. Whether she's bleaching her brows or dying her hair green, the girl is always pushing beauty boundaries.
And, when it comes to her makeup, we can thank Todd Delano, the man behind the colorful cosmetics Katy's known for. Delano is currently on Katy's Prismatic world tour with her, but he took a break for a few minutes to chat with us about all things beauty. Read on for Perry's favorite products, their best red-carpet moment together, and the one makeup step Katy always does on her own...
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Katy seems like someone who is very involved with her beauty looks. Is it a collaborative relationship?
"It's very collaborative. Katy loves to have fun with her makeup, and she is always willing to experiment with new looks. We work together to create her beauty look."

Where do you and Katy gather your inspiration from?
"We're inspired by Old Hollywood, Fashion Week trends, Tumblr, '90s fashion spreads, and pop culture. There isn't one source."

What's your kit must-have for those quick makeup changes during her concerts?
"CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation and Concealer, Colorlicious Lip Gloss, and a little blush. Oh, and eyelash glue!"

Katy's hair changes a lot. Is it a challenge keeping your kit stocked to make sure the makeup complements her style?
"For the most part, the makeup doesn't change that drastically with her hair color. I will sometimes adjust the brows to be a bit lighter when I fill them in. It's fun to play off the hair color when picking lip and eye colors to draw the whole look together."

Is there a look you've been dying to try on her?
"I love the idea of transforming her look into a living Lichtenstein character. Pop star to Pop Art!"

Of all the looks in her show, which would you say is a favorite?
"I love her looks that involve a classic winged liner and fresh, dewy skin, accented, of course, with prismatic glitter. She has a lot of wig and costume changes, so we wanted to make sure to complement all of the looks rather than compete."


Is there any makeup application that Katy does herself, or does she leave it all in your hands?
"I do everything, but Katy always does her own lips!"

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What is one important tip you'd give to women when it comes to their makeup?
"My personal philosophy is to have fun with makeup, and don't be scared to try new things — especially color. It's not permanent, and if it doesn't work, you can just wipe it off. Have fun with your look!"

Does Katy have a favorite product that you use on her?
"A longtime favorite has been CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara for thick lashes. It defines and doesn't budge the entire show."

What's your favorite look you've done on Katy for a red carpet?
"I loved her red-carpet moment at the L.A. premiere for her movie Part of Me. We were in Hollywood at a historic theater, so the look was evocative of classic Hollywood glamour."

If you could describe her look in three words, what would they be?
"Classic, fresh, and evolving."

What is the craziest look Katy's ever asked you to try on her?
"I wouldn't say anything has ever been too crazy, but her vampire witch look for one of her birthday parties was fun. We used red contacts and fangs."

Is there one thing as a makeup artist you'll never do on Katy?
"Never! Katy is full of surprises! We will always experiment with new looks."

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