You Really Only Need 8 New Things This Fall

With every purchase we make, we utter the same plea: "Please, please, please let me actually wear this thing." No matter how irresistible each item looks online, or how much research we put into our final decisions, we inevitably make the occasional dud buy that sits at the back of our closet mocking us with its still-attached tag. Then there are the once-in-a-while finds that become wardrobe greatest hits immediately. These are the well-made staples we can wear every day and never grow sick of, the pieces in which we always feel our best. Wouldn't it be nice if everything we bought was one of those? Here's the thing — it can be.
We're not going to say that stylist Kate Young is a soothsayer, but her ability to accurately pinpoint the exact thing that we're in the mood for is uncanny. Her imprint on the red carpet has helped define modern celebrity style — see some in her new book, Dressing for the Dark — but it's her real-world, no-BS shopping sensibility of which we're in awe. Young swears that she wears the same eight things every single season and she champions the efficiencies and benefits of dressing in a uniform.
She's got a knack for sussing out the styles and items that are worth spending money on each season, and we've asked her to deliver that expertise to us for fall. Some of her picks are forever classics, and some are new, subtle statements that you'll want to wear constantly (the one-earring look, anyone?). One thing's for sure: None of them will become closet dead weights.
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