This Model’s Wavy Hair Routine Isn’t As Complicated As You Think

Originally known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, model Kate Bock has graced the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, PEOPLE & Maxim and starred in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Alo Yoga, Hourglass, & L’Oréal. In the downtime of COVID-19, Kate found the time to launch her business, Love Kate. Some of Kate's entrepreneurial initiatives include lifestyle editor at Verishop, serving as Chief Brand Officer for Pompette Hard Sparkling Water, and collabs with Alexa Leigh jewelry and Bond-Eye Swim. Here, Bock walks Refinery29 through a week in her beauty routine as she flies from Cleveland to New York and back. The following interview was told to Amanda Mitchell and has been edited for length and clarity.


This week I’m in Cleveland. It’s basketball season and I am moving around a lot. I’m either here (in New York) traveling to one of my husband’s games or to one of my modeling jobs. I start my day by making Kevin [Bock’s husband] and I breakfast. My go-to most mornings is scrambled eggs topped with a drizzle of olive oil and truffle zest. I also feed my dog, Vestry.
For skin-care this morning, I do a quick face wash and hydrated my skin. I use Dr. Barbara Sturm Cleanser and a vitamin C serum, Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanicals Serum, plus Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen. Then I head to the gym downstairs for a workout. I mix up my workout routine a little bit when I’m in Cleveland. I’ll either do a DanceBody virtual class or walk the treadmill. This morning, I walked the treadmill while listening to an audio book for some quick cardio.
When I’m in Cleveland I get a lot of calls and meetings done. It’s a lot of Zoom time, so I like to do a quick makeup look to appear fresh faced on screen. I apply a bit of the NARS Creamy Concealer, Chanel Baume Essentiel in Golden Light for a glowy bronze look, and the Merit Highlighting Balm for some brightness. I apply some Hourglass Mascara and I also touch up my hair with Oribe Apres Beach Spray. Then I start a full day of work meetings.
That night I do my typical nighttime routine: I cleanse with the Covey First of All Cleanser, which does an amazing job at really making your skin feel clean. It gets every last bit of makeup off. Again, I use the Vintner's Daughter Essence and Serum. It’s so hydrating and my skin is on the drier side. I apply retinol at night, which really keeps my skin glowing and then I head to bed. 
At around 6:30pm we eat dinner — we normally eat fish but we also eat vegan on post-game night dinners. I head to New York tomorrow, so I won’t see Kevin for a few days, and we have a nice night together with Vestry and work on some plans for updating our home here. I love design, so this is a passion project for me. 


I have a flight to New York today. I'm going to an event tomorrow night and then some appointments on Wednesday and Thursday morning. I’ll be back in Cleveland on Friday, so I do the same morning beauty routine as yesterday, but also apply the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Flying can make my skin extra dry, so I make sure I have this product (and all my other skin-care and hair favorites) on-hand in my carry-on. 
On the plane I catch up on some emails and listen to my audiobook. Right now I’m listening to Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us”. When I get to New York I do a treadmill workout. After sitting on the plane for a couple of hours, I always try to move my body to feel better. I make a post-workout smoothie with banana, Abby’s Better Coffee Almond Butter, spinach, vanilla protein powder and cinnamon.
I take a shower and do my typical hair routine: I wash my hair using Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling hydrated, but not weighed down. I have a lot of hair, but it’s very fine. 
When I’m out of the shower I brush through my hair and then use the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil, focusing on the ends of my hair. I find that it helps moisturize and prevent breakage. I blow-dry with the Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer, focusing on smoothing. My hair naturally has a lot of volume, so I really like to work on de-frizzing by using the nozzle at the end of the blow-dryer. I then go in with the T3 1.25” Curling Iron and start curling from back to front. I always curl away from the face and make the waves loose and effortless. Once I’m finished, I spray with the Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Spray. It helps keep my hair in place but isn’t hard like hairspray.
I head out to dinner with a few girlfriends at Misi. Their pastas are amazing and the ricotta crostini is a must. Since my travel schedule is always pretty crazy, I don’t get to spend time with my girlfriends as much as I’d like. I am exhausted from traveling, so I head to bed pretty early after doing my typical nighttime skin-care routine that I did yesterday.


I have a day full of meetings today and plan to shoot some content in between. I wake up and head to a DanceBody class in the morning. Before I go, I do a quick skin-care cleanse with the Barbara Sturm foaming cleanser and Supergoop! Sunscreen. I’ll do a fuller routine when I get home and shower.
I have loved DanceBody for a while, but got really into it since my wedding this summer. The workout was a big part of my pre-wedding workout routine and I still love doing it. It’s fun yet challenging and each class is different so you never get bored. When I get back from my workout, I take a body shower, using the Necessaire Body Wash. I love the texture and smell and I also love their minimalist packaging. Since I washed my hair yesterday, I didn't wash it again this morning. I tied it up with a big scrunchie so it wouldn’t get wet while I showered. Once I’m out of the shower, I tend to use some Apres Beach Spray, and just refresh my curls. 
While my skin is still damp, I hydrate with the Clarins Body Oil. I’ve been using this product for years and it leaves you with a fresh and moisturized glow that isn’t sticky or oily. It dries down to the perfect texture. For my skin-care, I apply some Vintner's Daughter Essence and Serum and Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50. I do the same makeup routine as yesterday — perfect for a day full of meetings. 
Between meetings I shoot some beauty content for my Instagram. I notice my face is starting to feel a little dry, so I spray some Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray for some added moisture. It’s super refreshing and gives me a nice glow while filming.
Once the work day is over, I head out to grab dinner with a friend at Fini Pizza. It’s an amazing new pizza restaurant that my friend just opened and the perfect spot to catch up at. Before heading out, I touch up my makeup by adding some more mascara and a bit more bronzer. I like keeping things fresh faced and natural. 
I get home before midnight and do my usual nighttime routine. Tonight I finish it off with the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. The weather is finally starting to change, and fall and winter usually means drier skin.


I’m in the city by myself today, so in the morning I’ll go see my personal trainer at Gotham Gym. I love group fitness, but working with a trainer is a nice change of pace and I’ve been doing it for years. 
I head back home, shower and wash my hair again. This time I also use the Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Hair Mask. I try to add this into my routine once a week to keep my hair healthy and moisturized.
I have a few things on my to-do list today that I need to get done before heading back to Cleveland tomorrow. I love that I can get a ton done while walking around New York and getting so many steps in. I love a walkable city, and feel so satisfied with what I’m able to accomplish when I’m home in New York.
My first stop is a facial at Cynthia Rivas. I’ve been seeing Cynthia for a long time, but have spent some extra time with her this year as we got my skin ready for my wedding through regular facials, radio frequency, and red light therapy. Today, I’m here for my monthly facial and add in some lymphatic drainage for depuffing. I leave feeling refreshed and glowy.
I then stop into CB2 to see what’s new. We’re updating our home in Amagansett, NY, and I am on the hunt for a few standout pieces for our space. I have a mood board put together for what we’re thinking: clean lines, elevated yet cozy. 
My last stop is at Intermix downtown. I have a call with their team next week and want to see what’s new in store. Last year they hosted a cool bridal experience that I went to, which was perfect timing for my wedding. They always have great, unique pieces and I pick up a few things to add to my fall wardrobe.
I head home to take a late afternoon Zoom call with the rag & bone team. We have collaborated on a few campaigns and I’m excited to work with them again this winter. I love coming up with creative styling ideas and working with a team that understands my personal style so well to create the best content.
Finally, I unwind from the busy day with a home cooked meal. Tonight it’s grilled chicken over a fresh arugula salad. I listen to my audiobook while cooking and catch up with Kevin that night on FaceTime. I do my nighttime skin-care routine and head to bed for my early flight tomorrow.


I catch a super early flight back to Cleveland. When we’re close to landing, I put on the Baggage Claim Under Eye Masks from Wander Beauty, they really help rehydrate the under eye area that can become so dry from flying.
When I get home, Kevin’s still there and I help with breakfast. My signature eggs, it is! That's two scrambled eggs with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, and truffle zest, but this time I add some avocado and cook some turkey bacon. It’s preseason right now so I’m thankful for these times we get to spend together before the season kicks off and we’re crazy busy. 
I do my skin-care routine and then get dressed to workout, choosing a set from Alo Yoga. I drive Kevin to the arena and when I’m back I do a Sculpt Society class. I’ve been working with Megan Roup for years and I love how easy it is to get a workout in with her on the app. 
I eat a quick lunch and then take a body shower before getting ready for Kevin’s game. Today I start my makeup routine with the Vanish Airbrush Primer by Hourglass. It’s hydrating and smoothing and the perfect base for makeup. I conceal with the NARS Creamy Concealer. I’ll do a light contour with the Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick and then apply bronzer and blush from an Hourglass Ambient Light Palette. I fill in my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil and finish my eyes with the Hourglass Mascara. On lips I apply the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose.
I want to eat dinner with Kevin later, so on the way to the game I snack on an Abby’s Butter Squeeze Pack in the car. It’s so convenient and fits in my purse — I always have a few of these on hand. It was an exciting game and the Cavs won! 
I drive Kevin home from the game around 11:30pm and we eat a late vegan dinner together at home. We try to keep dinner light and fresh so it’s easier to digest and more comfortable before we go to sleep. We watch one episode of Dopesick together, I do my nighttime skin-care and we both fall asleep. 


There aren't really 'weekends' in our life. We're both traveling or at basketball games or working all the time. However, today ends up being a relaxing day and I’m excited. 
I start off the day with a DanceBody workout and then shower and head to one of our new favorite spots in Cleveland, LYV Wellness. It’s an awesome wellness retreat that we love and are really excited about. Today we choose to just relax in the sauna for a bit. It’s been a busy few weeks that are only about to get busier, so this downtime is much-needed. 
After the sauna we head to grab a healthy lunch together out in Cleveland. When we get home we take Vestry for a long walk. She loves her time in Cleveland with the open space and backyard and we love walking her around our neighborhood. We’re outside with her most of the afternoon, taking in the fall weather.
Kevin and I have a clean fresh meal together for dinner — a big salad with a ton of veggies and salmon. We both have been wearing Oura rings for years and compare our stats all the time. It’s a friendly competition on who can get the best sleep. This week, I’m winning. We watch another episode of Dopesick and then head to bed. 


I have a few things on my to-do list this Sunday before I head back to New York. I start my day off with a quick treadmill workout and then finish up some things around the house.
I am working to make a wedding album and continue combing through the photos from our wedding. Our photographer, Allan Zepeda, did an incredible job capturing our day. I think it’s so special to have a printed wedding album and I am taking my time to make sure it’s just right. I also make a note to frame some of our most special photos from the day and mentally plan where those will go throughout the house.
I take a late afternoon epsom salt bath to try and unwind for 20 minutes. Traveling so much can really wear you down and it’s essential for me to reset. I light some candles and listen to my audiobook to set the vibe. My favorite candle is SANTAL 26 from Le Labo, so I light a few of those to relax.
I head back to New York tomorrow again so I begin to pack what I need. I like to think of myself as an expert packer since I travel so much. I focus on bringing the absolute necessities when it comes to skin-care and makeup along with some staple outfit pieces that can be mixed and matched. I have found that a lot of times, less is more. My favorite luggage is the Away Carry on — it’s super easy and fits all of the essentials. 
At night I do my usual skin-care routine and add in a couple extra products to start my week off feeling super hydrated and glowy. I add in a night cream prescribed by my dermatologist at Skin Medicinals. It’s custom made for my skin type and is like magic. I also add the Skinbetter Science Eye Cream around my eyes for extra brightening. 
I go to sleep early to get some rest before my flight, as it's back to NYC in the AM!
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