Karl Lagerfeld Attempts To Outdo The Olympics—In London

If you've even considered stopping by London in the next two months, you've probably felt the pressure of the impending Olympics (we're nearly 3,500 miles away, and we're already running an Olympics fever). Getting in on the sure-to-be-massive audience is Karl Lagerfeld, who's heading across the Channel from Paris to round up a little London action.
Three days before the Olympics kick off, Karl will inaugurate a new Selfridges store that'll be the home to his in-house brand as well as debuting his premium menswear line, Karl Lagerfeld Paris Man (which is different than Lagerfeld's other men's line). Those lucky enough to be in the city while the Olympics are happening (excuse us, while Karl's takeover is happening) should head to the Oxford Street Selfridges and shop the multi-floor event, which includes the Karl collection on one floor and an Olympics-inspired collection and accessories on another, where you'll be able to find merchandise emblazoned with Discus Karl. Finally — he's got a real reason for wearing those fingerless gloves! (WWD)
Photo: Via Selfridges/WWD

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