Kardashian-Approved Swimsuits, Alex Wang Does PVC , And Super Impractical Sunglasses

Who knew getting stuck in your mesh tank top tasted so good? Tania O for 160g Magazine. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
The Kardashians design swimsuits. If you thought our cute swimsuit picks were too dowdy, maybe you like the sideless, backless, frontless version better? (People)
It's clear why you should get a Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag in PVC. Because, you know....the bag is see through and clear and... :( Never mind. (Purse Blog)
Love sunglasses but hate the fact that you can see out of them? Boy do we have some options for you! (Cool Hunting)
Prada's "Print Collection" is so good we're tempted to say something like "get one in every color!" But then you might have to remortgage your house. (Nitrolicious)

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