Juicy Couture Debuts $1,000 Diamond Tracksuit Pulls

Remember the Carrie Bradshaw nameplate mania, followed quickly by the initial necklaces? Well, last week we had a major blast from the past at the WWD 100th Anniversary party, where we spotted a diamond-encrusted "J" hanging from Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr's neck. The letter in question didn't stand for Jessica however, but rather Juicy Couture, who just rolled out an 18-K, white gold, and pave diamond encrusted tracksuit pull that retails for $1,000. The one karat pull, designed to replace the traditional shiny nickel "J" pull that marks a velour tracksuit as the real Juice-up deal, was designed by jeweler Martin Katz for holiday '10, in a limited-edition of 100. If your closet isn't stacked with mounds of tracksuits, don't fret: The pull can also be worn as a necklace &agrave la Szohr, or a charm bracelet! Will this little gem be on your Christmas wish-list, or is it more of a re-gift?
Juicy Couture limited-edition diamond encrusted "J" pull, $1,000, available at Juicy Couture, 368 Bleecker Street, (at Charles Street); 646-336-8151
Image via The Digital Brand Managers

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