Best of L.A.: 16 Juice Bars Perfect For Your 2013 Detox

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on January 3.]
Sure, we love our venti, sugar-free, double-shot, extra-hot Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas just as much as the next Angeleno, but we can't wait until the day that juice bars outnumber the chain coffee shops that litter our city streets. It's inevitable, really — between the yogis and the celebs, spots that offer up health-conscious drinks are quickly becoming more popular than Prius dealerships.
And, whether your resolution is to slim down or stay healthy, a go-to juice spot (and a little motivation) is the secret weapon that can keep you from derailing that diet. So, make 2013 the year of looser waistbands, more energy, and clearer skin — with a little help from these 16 juice bars. But, before you say sayonara to those hard-to-pronounce coffee-drinks, repeat after us: Apple Lemon Double Ginger. Because, honestly — just saying the name is half the battle!
Pressed Juicery
With multiple outposts (West Hollywood, Brentwood, and DTLA to name a few) and a truck, it's no wonder celebs like Nicole Richie are often spotted with their Citrus 3's and Green Alkalizers. For the new year, Pressed is offering customers a limited-time discount on its popular three-day cleanse — the 24-bottle package typically clocks in at $285, but will only set you back $199.
Tribal Cafe
Come for the Toxic Flush (cantaloupe and watermelon) or the Immunity Builder (carrot, celery, apple, beets, and wheatgrass), stay for the eclectic music and quirky arrangement of art that litters this Westlake spot. Sure, it takes the crew more than a minute to prepare that smoothie and sammie, but the items are so worth the wait, considering the fruits and veggies are chopped before your very eyes.
Tribal Cafe, 1651 West Temple Street (near Belmont Avenue); 213-483-4458.
Yes, this place is located at The Farmers' Market at The Grove — but think of it as the healthy oasis buried beneath all the fatty fare. For just $4.50, grab yourself a honeydew and mint combo before you make your way to the shops, you'll need the energy — trust us!
èple, 6333 West Third Street (near South Gilmore Lane); 323-939-3753.
Other Notables:
Liquid Juice Bar, 8180 Melrose Avenue (between North La Jolla Avenue and North Kilkea Drive); 323-300-8070.
Raw Cane Super Juice Bar, 5301 West Sunset Boulevard Suite 7 (near North Hobart Boulevard); 323-537-6611.
Photos: Courtesy of Pressed Juicery; Tribal Cafe; Pressed Juicery
Moon Juice
Truth be told, we'd be over the moon with an entire fridge stocked with MJ's Goodness Greens and Golden Milk. Food writer and cook Amanda Chantal Bacon is the brains behind the Venice joint, and the reason we're constantly jonesing for those bottles loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements. Nutritious and straight-up addicting, the pressed sips are 100% out of this world!
Earth Bar
If your 2013 resolution involves a new fitness routine, we suggest you hit up any Equinox and make a pit stop at Earth Bar post-treadmill. The Radiant Skin Smoothie (papaya, acai, hemp milk, flax oil, tocotrienols, lecithin, E3 live, green detox powder, stevia, and agave) lives up to its name and the Detox Juices are perfect for those in need of a cleanse. We also appreciate the adjacent vitamin shop and the sizable dishes like the Acai Bowl — don't be surprised if you quickly become a regular, like us!
Earth Bar, 8365 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite B (near North Flores Drive); 323-301-4980.
Sunlife Organics
Two words: The Wolverine. This smoothie, in addition to the vegan frozen yogurt, is our idea of the perfect pick-me-up. If you're committed to curbing your calories, buy yourself a cookbook while you're there and some snacks to store in the pantry. Trust: It's way healthier than the junk you've got stashed in there now!
Sunlife Organics, 29169 Heathercliff Road Suite 110 (near Dume Drive); 310-457-6161.
Planet Raw
Inspired by American, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and Thai dishes, celebrity raw-food chef and best-selling author Juliano Brotman opened Raw back in 2000 with one goal: to nourish the body, mind, and soul. And boy, does he deliver — the Beauty Queen (raspberries, coconut, silica, tocos, maca, jiaogulan, flax oil, and evening primrose oil) has been known to change lives, and the menu of healthy food disguised as guilty pleasures always hits the spot. We suggest the Macho Nachos and a big appetite to accompany it.
Planet Raw, 609 Broadway Street (at 6th Street); 310-587-1552.
Other Notables:
Juice Crafters, 11682 San Vicente Boulevard (near South Barrington Avenue); 424-442-0555.
Kreation Organic, 1023 Montana Avenue (at 10th Court); 310-458-4880.
Photos: Courtesy of Moon Juice
Sustain Juicery
Always made to order (save for the occasional bottled offering for those on the go), this DTLA juicery is wall-to-wall organic goodness. Case in point: Every ingredient is seasonal and locally sourced. The staff is also super knowledgable and will provide you with all the assistance you need. But, if you're just looking for a decent recommendation, we go bananas for the Green Monkey smoothie (kale, pineapple, banana, orange juice, and spirulina).
Beverly Hills Juice
The dude behind BHJ, David Otto, became a vegetarian to improve his health and quickly started experimenting with a juicer for alternatives. And we can all thank the juice gods that his friends and family members convinced him to sell his sips to the masses, for without them we wouldn't have the delicious Banana Manna Shakes we've come to love. Described as a vegan alternative ice cream, the shakes are made from just two organic, raw ingredients: bananas and your choice of juice. Oh, and don't skimp on the $1 wheatgrass shots — one of those bad boys will totally take your drink to the next level!
Beverly Hills Juice, 8382 Beverly Boulevard (near North Orlando Avenue); 323-655-8300.
Silver Lake Juice & Tea
Order you juice up front at the bar and make your way to the backyard garden where you'll find tables of reclaimed wood, free Wi-Fi, and serious amounts of exposed brick. Created in 2010 by Baba Ji, the chef and juice expert was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and able to reverse the illness by drinking Green Juice (which he named after himself, naturally!). In addition to the Baba Ji, we're fans of the J-Biebs Juice (kale, orange, carrot, apple, ginger) paired with the gluten-free quinoa salad.
Silver Lake Juice & Tea, 2813 West Sunset Boulevard (across from North Occidental Boulevard); 310-880-9509.
Other Notables:
Real Raw Live, 5913 West Franklin Avenue (between Tamarind and North Bronson avenues); 323-461-4545.
Naturewell, 3824 West Sunset Boulevard (between Hyperion and Lucile avenues); 323-664-5894.
Photographed by Shawna Sellmeyer; Via Beverly Hills Juice