Jennifer Aniston, A Dermatologist? We Can Totally See It!


Truth: As much as we die for stars’ nitty-gritty personal deets (guilty as charged!), we have to give major props when a celeb shows verbal restraint and keeps mum. So, we are super-surprised to read the slew of quotes coming from the chronically tight-lipped, Jennifer Aniston, of late. The Wanderlust actress most recently opened up in the
March issue of InStyle
about her growing romance with hottie boyfriend Justin Theroux (swoon), misconceptions about her previous marriage, and what she’d do if she weren’t bound for the big screen.

She tells the mag that the “love triangle with her ex-husband and [the fact] that there is a feud” is media, well, just being media. Right. So, what's Jennifer Aniston's alt career choice? Um, we didn’t see this one coming, but dermatologist! It kind of makes sense provided the pretty lady’s impeccable (not to mention seemingly ageless) skin.

Photo: Via ABC News

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