A Cleansing Balm For Your Makeup Brushes

Untitled-1Photo: Courtesy of Japonesque.
There is no beauty necessity as time-consuming and annoying as cleaning your makeup brushes. And, the fact that we know we have to do it, doesn't make it any easier (or more appealing). With all the liquid cleaners and DIY recipes, you'd think it would be a breeze. But, five minutes into swirling your powder brush around your hand while you watch the gross runoff dye your sink a sickly pink, and you'd be a saint not to call the whole thing off. So, when I was handed Japonesque's Solid Brush Cleanser, I was pretty sure the tin would be chucked across my bathroom in a matter of minutes — that, or sit unopened in a drawer for months.
But, this ain't your mother's brush cleaner. Tucked inside the tin is a cleansing balm, not the typical harsh soap or messy liquid we're used to. The procedure is simple: Wet your brush, swirl it around the balm, rinse, and repeat until the water runs clean. Wipe away any residue from the surface, and repeat with your next brush.
I know it sounds crazy, because cleansers are notoriously the biggest pains in the you-know-what, but this stuff actually works — and it works well. Since it's formulated with goat's milk, the balm is intensely moisturizing. Emollients not only work to dissolve the makeup off of your brush, they also help hydrate the bristles, so they don't dry up and scratch your face. And, instead of a sickly floral scent, Japonesque's version is fresh, subtle, and (most important) clean-smelling. It is actually everything you could ask for in a brush-cleaning product.
Best of all? It's totally mess-free. No more wiping your sink down and praying that your bronzer doesn't stain it. It's so easy, I was even able to do this in front of my TV, using just a bowl of water to rinse. Now, that's multitasking at its finest. It's time to stop putting off washing your brushes — c'mmon, you know you're guilty.
Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser, $20, available at Ulta.

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