Sneak A Peek At James Franco’s Off-The-Wall (& Must-See) Art Exhibit

It's hard to discern whether James Franco is straight-up cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, or the most multi-talented actor to ever smack us with his Hollywood presence. Either way, we love his batsh*t bonkers ways (not that you need 'em, but examples, here, here, and here). You could even call him a Rebel Without A Cause, non? Fittingly, his latest foray into the art world, Rebel, pays an oddball homage to the 1955 James Dean flick.
JF has always had a fascination with the icon, and even portrayed him in a TNT movie years ago, snagging his first Golden Globe for it. He says, "I was always told that I look like James Dean — well, after I got braces for my buckteeth and went through puberty." So, all things considered, it's no shocker that James drummed up the concept for this wacky warehouse-style display with several other edgy artists (our favorite, Ed Ruscha, included).
Since the mid-century motion picture explored so many taboo topics, you can expect to see some electrifying works, including violent videos, sexual sculptures, and some pretty profound fixtures by the actor himself, too — there's even a motorcycle floating in a pool! We highly suggest any fans of this classic screen gem, historical heartthrob, or modern day radical, hit this show for a trippy treat. And even if you're not jonesing for either James, admission's free!
When: Tuesday, May 15 through Saturday, June 23; Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: J.F. Chen, 941 North Highland Avenue (near Romaine Street).
Art: Harmony Korine
, Caput, 2011; 
 Featuring James Franco and Eddie Peel; Scored by Ho Ho Click and IO Echo
; 6 minutes, Digital video with sound; Photo courtesy of the artist

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