It’s Good Times and Golden Girls Sweaters at Tom Scott

Tom Scott appreciates humor and is a master of knitwear, design, and color. That's why his "Things I don't like" collection was so successful. Wanting to challenge himself, Tom bypassed the irony and turned crudeness into beauty using Golden Girls sweaters, Dynasty-style fur boleros, cable-knits, and sports uniforms as inspiration on 11 synthetically bewigged and named mannequins. Tom and his creative comrade, stylist Haidee Findlay-Levin showed us alpaca knits as fur-free "hairy" cap sleeves and hair pieces, beige cashmere tube dresses with geranium hued hoods, ultra blue-violet cable knit vests, nubbly fisherman sweaters with hot pink, yellow and violet "party yarn," draped cashmere skirt pants and "diamante" necklaces cut from gray industrial felt . We found an ally in mannequin Priscilla, reclining on a Tom Scott organic wool pillow in a mohair colorblock top, Alpaca "hairy" ear muffs, ciggie in hand and Grace Jones "Nightclubbing" vinyl spinning silently on a plastic portable record player. Good times.

tom-scott-fall-09-3 Attendees at Tom Scott.
tom-scott-fall-09-crowd-1 More shots of the crowd.