This Rollerball Is The Next Best Thing To Sleeping Pills

There's no doubt about it: Nighttime skin-care routines are infinitely more enjoyable than morning ones — unless you're a morning person, which I am not. Standing over my sink and rinsing my face at 7 a.m. is a reminder that I have about four hours and two cups of coffee to get through before I feel fully awake. But at night, I come alive. I'm productive and full of energy, which would be good...if it didn't mean that I also have a ridiculously hard time falling asleep. Related: I Got A Pinterest Haircut — & It Did Not Go According To Plan My insomnia (and unmanaged anxiety) was at its worst during high school. But now, I make a big effort to settle my mind and prepare myself for bed. (After all, sleeping through government class was considered more acceptable than crashing on my desk at the office.) A cup of tea, a quick face steam, and some light meditation all help, but lately, rubbing a bunch of essential oils on my face and body is what's really putting me into snooze mode. Related: This Combo Is The Secret To My Best Skin Ever

For years, I thought aromatherapy was total BS, but sleepless nights call for skeptical measures. And now, of course, I'm a convert. This Sleep Aromatherapy Roll On Oil is all I need at night — okay, and my cleansing oil, overnight hydrating mask, eye cream...but you get the picture. I keep the little tube on my bedside table. After getting under the covers, I rub the oil around my temples, collarbone, and wrists — just like I would my favorite Chloé perfume. The difference is that I massage this in and breathe deeply. Within a few minutes of inhaling the chamomile, frankincense, and French lavender, I'm so at ease that I can almost imagine a future in which I get excited about my morning moisturizer. Almost.

Sleep Aromatherapy Roll On Oil, $38, available at Vitruvi.

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