It Happened This Week: Topshop Swallows Our Lives, Posh Spice Dons Flip Flops, and Alexa Chung To Become Williamsburg Hipster!

alexa-chung-usaOur new weekly column that sums up everything you need to know from this week's weird and random world of fashion.
1. Alexa Chung moves her TV career overseas to Hipsterville USA, Williamsburg. Take that, Britain, we've got everything now! (Grazia)
2. Topshop mania threatened to swallow our souls, our lives, and our wallets. (Yours truly)
3. Britney Spears looks like she's 16 again for Candies. (StyleList)
4. ScarJo pops some bubbly for Moet & Chandon, and oh, is it hot. (CyanaTrendLand)
5. Lady Gaga performed on American Idol wearing a custom-made dress by downtown darling Ben Cho. Oh, Ben. You didn't just go there. (The Cut)
6. Nobody wants to buy a table at Anna's gala. (FWD)
7. It was the political event of the century...its effects caused ripples from Paris to London...yes,Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy finally faced off, coat for coat, dress for dress. Make fashion, not war! (HuffPo)
8. Victoria Beckham was seen out in public wearing—gasp—flip flops! What's next, sweatpants? (Just Jared)
9. April Fool's Day really effed with our heads. (Men's Style)
Pre-Photoshopped photo via The Guardian

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