Watch Out: The iPhone 6S Plus Will Be The Heaviest iPhone Yet

It all started when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus proved to be an unprecedented struggle for small-handed users. Now, the iPhone 6S and its Plus counterpart will incorporate a bit of weightlifting into its hand-stretching routine.

In a comparison of all iPhone models — past, present, and future — the infographic site Dadaviz explains that the 6S will weigh in at 143 grams, whereas the current 6 model clocks in at a mere 129. The difference is even greater between the two Plus versions of the phone, with the new 6S Plus weighing 192 grams, or a whole 20 grams more than the previous 172-gram 6 Plus. For the metrically challenged, the new 6S Plus weighs a not-insubstantial 6.8 ounces. You can check out the infographic in full below.

According to The Verge, the 6S's new 3D Touch display is to blame for the weight gain. This display is more than twice as heavy as the previous version, due to a whole new layer that Apple added to test and measure pressure placed on the screen. No word yet on whether this new layer will make the screen concrete-proof, shoe-proof, or cat-proof.

Looking back on past years' models, the 6S weighs 71% more than the 5S. That's a pretty big leap to make in just a few years, but, of course, the difference probably won't be too noticeable. And if it is, a little strength training never hurt anybody.
Photo: Courtesy of Jishai Evers.

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