Live Wire: Odin Launches its Online Store Today!

It's not up yet, but we couldn't wait... Today's a big day for two of our favorite store owners, Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi—the guys behind Odin, sister-store Pas de Deux, and permanent pop-up Den, are finally opening the doors to their new online shop. Now you can peruse the full selection of goods from all three stores, all while sitting on your derriere. And this isn't just your common e-commerce - Paul told us that "the site represents the store to everyone outside of New York, so we felt it was really important to get it right--to create a site that was great to look at as well as being easy for customers to navigate. We wanted to really convey the identity of the different brands we carry, so we did different photo shoots for each, so they each have their own unique feel." The site also includes interviews with designers, news, events, and exclusive collections from the likes of Common Projects and Philip Crangi. Oh, and free shipping until January 1 - now go get your shop on.

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