High Times

Stuck in an endless debate on the virtues of color, material, brand, cultural allegiances and street cred, those deliberating their next sneaker purchase often find themselves at an impasse, torn between the bitchin' magenta scene-stealers and the innocuous lace-ups that won't be regrettable in a few months. Though the jury's still out on what the right choice is at any given moment, our vote goes for the classic and simple, especially when it comes to a worthwhile investment like Common Projects' Achilles mid-top sneaker.
A collaboration between designers Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, the Common Projects label emphasizes form, which sticks to the basics, function, which is undoubtedly utilitarian, and material, which is always luxe. The Achilles mid-top perfectly exemplifies the brand's criteria, with the stylish rise, uniform gray color and stitching, supple Nappa leather base, and signature model number stamp—the label's only indicator. One look at these all-weather winners, and it's clear this season's sneakers are altogether seasonless, making the choice, at least this time around, an easy one.
For more information on the Common Projects Achilles mid-top Model 1528 ($265), go to www.commonprojects.com
Common Project's new luxed-up sneaker finds its footing.