5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 09 2012

The same intern who sued Hearst Corp. back in February for allegedly violating wage and hour laws is now suing Fenton Fallon Corp. for, uh, essentially the same thing. Do you think she puts 'Suing companies I work for' under “Special Skills” on her resume? (The Cut)
Holy one-day-only sale! The online retailer Feminin Rascal is hosting a pop-up sample sale tomorrow, offering up to 65% off hard-to-find European retailers. (Feminin Rascal)
No matter how much you love NYC, it can be easy to forget how magical you once thought the city was (A few years of humid subways, rising rents, and crowded sidewalks doesn't help either), which is why we love this piece on finding love in Central Park. It completely reminded us of why we really do love you, New York. (New York Times)
There are few things we love better than a good BFF flick (Now and Then has our heart forever), which is why we were so excited at the sight of these photos of Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen biking around BK. The two have been filming their new movie about best friends graduating high school. (Gothamist)
Is there anyone who isn’t excited by the idea of dog friendly bars in NYC? Actually, don’t answer that, we’re not sure we’d want to associate with those kinds of people. (DailyCandy)
Photo: Via Gothamist

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