Download These Apps If You're Struggling To Furnish & Decorate Your Home

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Just because you can't afford to hire a professional interior designer doesn't mean you have to go it alone when it comes to helping your home live its best life. Thanks to a little invention called the iPhone, you actually have all the tools you need for everything from a major remodel to an expertly-curated gallery wall right in your hand.
Of course, if you're struggling to choose between, say, two paint colors, having to decide on the right app to help you with that dilemma is just one more difficult decision to make. That's why we've selected the best, easiest, most cost effective apps, so all you have to do is download, click, and find yourself one step closer to apartment bliss.
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Houzz is kind of like what would happen if Pinterest, Yelp, and ShopStyle were all rolled into one. With pages upon pages of interior inspiration from top design firms, it's a great place to gather ideas, or just drool a little bit. But if you're serious about performing a renovation, you can use it connect with contractors, designers, and landscapers. It also allows you to upload images of your home, test out furniture and decor using the View in My Room 3D feature, and then buy what you like directly within the app. If that all sounds too good to be true, consider the fact that Houzz has a score of 4.7 out of 5 in the Apple App Store.
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If you're a fan of clothing rental services like Rent the Runway, you'll be psyched to know that that same concept is spreading to interior design. With Feather, you can rent couches, tables, and even beds from top brands like West Elm, Joybird, and Feather's own in-house collection, for time periods between three months and a year. It's perfect if you're living somewhere temporarily, don't want to sink a ton of money into furniture (sample prices include $38/month for a wooden bed frame, and $8/month for a table lamp), or just tend to get bored often.
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Paint Tester

So you want to paint your walls, but you don't know where on the color wheel to begin. Should you stick to classic neutrals? Go bold with a jewel tone? Add a feminine touch with pastels? That the options are literally endless is both a blessing and a curse. Paint Tester allows you to upload a picture of the room in question and try it out with a range of colors. If you have a specific color that you're thinking about, the app suggests uploading a picture of a swatch of it so you're sure you're getting the exact right shade. And because this app, unlike some alternatives, isn't sponsored by a paint company, you're not limited when it comes to color choices.
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Artfully Walls

It's no secret that gallery walls — that thing where you cover a wall with a range of prints, photos, and other media of varying sizes — are a trendy way to fill a wall space without having to invest in something large (or, god forbid, rely on the same posters you've been hanging onto since college). But if you're new at buying art, or figuring out things that look good together, it can be a challenge. Artfully Walls offers a range of affordable prints in a variety of styles, and even creates perfect-curated gallery walls that you can buy in full with a 20% discount.
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If you're a discerning design lover, you're probably already aware of Chairish, an online marketplace for buying and consigning both vintage and contemporary furniture, art, and decor. (If you're not, just think of it as TheRealReal for interiors.) But did you know the company also offers an app that allows you to upload images of your space and test out pieces from the site inside it? Well now you do. Obviously, there are several apps that do this, but when it comes to the one-of-a-kind (and often investment-quality) pieces Chairish sells, we think getting a feel for them in you space before committing is crucial.