4 Easy Oatmeal Packet Hacks To Make Office Breakfasts Restaurant Quality

Photo: Getty Images.
Whether you grab them from your office kitchen or a private desk drawer stash, oatmeal packets are work breakfast (and hey, sometimes lunch) saviors. This fast and easy food is our go-to grab before a.m. meetings or during busy days when we barely have time to leave our chairs. It's an ideal multi-tasking nosh that, at bare minimum, only requires hot water or a microwave — plus, we can heat it up in anything from a mug to a Tupperware container. But just because quick oats are a reliable answer to workplace eating emergencies, doesn't mean that they need to be average when it comes to flavor.
All it takes to hack that uninspiring packet into a luxurious, gourmet bowl is three extra desk pantry or brought-from-home add-ins. Ahead we've crafted four easy-to-follow recipe formulas to fire up your office oatmeal routine. Craving a bacon, egg, and cheese? There's a hack for that. How about a PB&J? Once again, quick oats have your back. So, if you're looking to heat things up in your office kitchen, scroll ahead for our sweet and savory guide to revolutionizing instant oatmeal.

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