13 Instagram Tips That’ll Make Everyone Think You’re A Pro

If you're anything like us, scrolling through your Instagram feed goes a little something like this: cat, baby, eggs Benedict, selfie. It's not a bad assortment, but let's face it, it can get a little predictable. Instagram is great for capturing novel moments — that tiny kitten in the bodega window on your way to work or the sky-written proposal you see on a sunny Sunday in the park — but it's also a means of sharing your vision of the world.
So, how do you make your Instagram feed stand out from those of the cat ladies who brunch? We tapped our photo editor and Instagrammer-in-chief, Ida Hariri, for some pointers. Rather than sticking to locales we're all too familiar with, we took to the open road in a Ford Fusion and headed to upstate New York.
From a beautifully autumnal cornfield to a shut-down Wild West-themed town, our freewheeling road trip took us to little-known places that were just begging to be documented. Along the way, we learned what makes a solid photo and how to create compelling visual stories from the world around us. Ahead, Hariri's tips on how to make your own Instagram feed shine.

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