The Ace Products One London Makeup Artist Swears By

YouTube mania has swept the world, making celebrities and gurus out of ordinary people filming vlogs and tutorials from their bedrooms. But sometime before the new wave of social media influencers and DIY video creators existed, there was Pixiwoo, the makeup-artist sister duo who set up their channel way back in 2008. Unlike many of the savvy young people who have made a massive success out of their accessible and non-expert approach to beauty, Sam Chapman, one half of the pair, is actually a trained makeup artist who was formerly part of the MAC Pro team. She and her sister, Nicola, have also launched an international line of affordable, cruelty-free, cult makeup brushes. (And it's worth noting that they're also kind of makeup royalty: Their aunt was a London makeup artist who worked with David Bowie and Princess Diana.) If you're ever in need of quick and easy tips on how to apply your makeup or the best products to use, Sam and Nicola are your women — and the 2 million other people who subscribe to their channel clearly concur. We asked Sam to share her makeup routine, go-to products, and beauty icons. Get your notepads ready...

If you had just five minutes to get ready, what would you do and use?
"When I'm in a hurry, I use cream products as they're quick and there is less margin for error. Estée Lauder EE cream for an instant speedy, healthy glow, Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush on the cheeks, a coat of mascara, and Burt's Bees lip balm. That's it!"

Favorite foundation and why?
"I'm constantly on the lookout for the foundation that's going to make me look 10 years younger. Strangely, it still eludes me. My current favorite is Guerlain Parure Gold [unavailable in the U.S., but try Guerlain Parure de Lumiere for a similar finish]. It's great coverage without looking mask-like and applies beautifully."

What's your hair routine, and what are your favorite hair products?
"I'm incredibly low-maintenance with my hair. I don't have tons of free time for complex styles, and I hate my hair to feel heavy or sticky with products. The only styling products I use are Aussie and Colab Dry Shampoo. The formulation is great for refreshing slightly tired hair, and the fragrances are gorgeous."
What’s the one product you reach for to take you from day to night?
"NARS Audacious lipstick in a bright, berry shade. I'm currently obsessing over Janet. The texture of these lipsticks is among the best I've come across."

Do you contour, and, if so, what do you use?
"No, I think contouring makes me look older and often overly made up. So, more often than not, I just use a bronzer to add some warmth."

Can you remember the first beauty product you bought in your teens?
"It was Rimmel Heather Shimmer Lipstick. It was the '90s nude."

What’s the one product you've repurchased the most over the years?
"MAC Face & Body foundation and YSL Volume Effect mascara."
What’s the most expensive luxury beauty product you own?
"Sisley Global Anti-Age moisturizer."

What’s your most trusty high-street makeup product?
"There are so many great ones. I love the Revlon ColorStay lipsticks, Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation [unavailable in the U.S., but try the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation for similar coverage], and the L'Oréal brow gels."

What were your worst beauty faux pas?
"The '90s! Trying to emulate the nude thing, but using brown everything. I think I was wearing MAC Paramount lipstick. (Facepalm.)"

Favorite mascara and why?
"YSL Volume Effect. Massive, massive, voluminous lashes — I love lashes."

Who are your beauty icons?
"Kate Moss, Diana Ross, Joan Collins, and Jean Harlow."
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What is the one transformative beauty product that makes you feel your best?
"Eucerin Urea body moisturizer. It makes your skin look like plastic. Amazing on legs and arms when wearing summer clothes." What's your favorite beauty trend for the summer?
"I'm all about pared-back makeup; I love to see skin. This summer season, I'm going to dispense with foundation altogether and go bare-faced. Also, I feel like the full-on makeup trend of the last few years is looking pretty tired."

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