Industry Insider Alle Fister Dishes On Her Four Fave Lines

Nobody likes an insider's opinion quite like us, so we thought we would go right to the source and ask one of our favorite fashion heavy-hitters, Alle Fister, about some of the exciting L.A. based brands she's working with and who we should get excited about for late summer and early fall. Alle, who was once the spokesperson for Shopbop, is now a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker who is always looking to work with brands that have a story to tell: Whether it's the perfect line of dresses that would look great for a SoCal beach getaway, a line of handbags made from repurposed vintage leather jackets, or Kate Hudson and Blake Lively's fave line of coats, she's got a ton of great brands on her radar, so we were beyond thrilled to pick her very fashion-forward brain and discuss four of the most noteworthy lines out there!
Alle, like many SoCal ladies, loves to spend weekends by the beach in Malibu, so it makes sense that her go-to weekend gear consists of easy breezy pieces from Blue Life. She's living for the flowing dresses and tanks, and so will you!
Speaking of the 'bu, you're going to need a swimsuit or seven, so we definitely suggest you check out Cia.Maritima. Brazil's hottest swimwear line is totally making waves up north and we cannot get enough of the beautiful prints, interesting cuts, and man, are they flattering to every figure. So even if you don't look like a Brazilian supermodel, you'll still feel like one in these suits!
It may be scorching outside, but in the office the A/C is blasting and if you're anything like us, you're already researching the best autumn coats on the market. Thankfully, you just have to look to Smythe for the perfect camel jacket or adorable blazer. Alle notes that Smythe is a line that is filled with closet staples for the workingwoman who is also fashion-forward and we couldn't agree more. In fact, we've got our eye on more than one of these smart blazers in Houndstooth plus the strong shoulders will keep you looking anything but drab at your desk this fall.
And last but certainly not least we have the rad bag line Novella Royale. The bags are amazing to look at, are the perfect size to tote everything you need with you, and they are all made from recycled leather jackets—so cool!

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