How To Wear Your Indoor Clothes Outside — Without Anyone Noticing

When you’ve spent a large majority of the year indoors, reacquainting yourself with your kitchen and creating a semi-permanent indent on your couch, it takes a bit more time and energy to piece together an outfit for when you do eventually venture outside (especially in the winter). The solution in this case: Get yourself a wardrobe that does both — a set of base layers that can seamlessly transition from your comfortable, everyday WFH uniform to a properly attired outfit for the world beyond the confines of your home. 
Such incredible versatility is, coincidentally enough, what Cuddl Duds has staked its reputation on with its beloved repertoire of stretchy thermals, ribbed henleys, soft-to-the-touch turtlenecks, and fleece leggings. As proof, we took Cuddl Duds’ layers and, with a few key add-ons, transformed them to suit whatever activity your day might hold — whether that’s a leisurely bike ride, a dinner outdoors, a trip to the farmers’ market, or a walk with your dog. At the core, it’ll feel like you never left your couch — and if that’s not a bit of sartorial magic, then we don't know what is. 
For home: Coordinate fleece leggings with a soft crew in the same neutral shade — a less bulky version of sweats — for a streamlined look. 
For outside: Break up the gray with a striped top (thumbholes make it even easier for layering) and shrug on a shearling-lined denim jacket for an extra layer against chilly breezes — necessary when you’re freezing because your dog is taking her sweet time sniffing trees. 
For home: Black leggings are not only comfortable and stain-proof (in that you can’t actually see any stains), but they also work with just about any top, including a super-soft (and chic) black turtleneck. 
For outside: Let’s say you lost track of time and you only have a few minutes before you're meeting friends at an outdoor restaurant for dinner. Your outfit will take all of 30 seconds to put together: Slip on another layer (a teal for a pop of color) and a midi-length skirt, and throw on a coat and boots. Done.
For home: Enduring winter feels rather impossible without a stockpile of thermals, like these stretchy waffle-knit ones that will keep you warm when your radiator has malfunctioned once again.
For outside: If you’re one of those who likes her pick of produce at the farmers’ market, it also means waking up at the break of dawn when it’s unbearably cold. Add a turtleneck underneath your thermal, slip on a pair of jeans, bring one more layer (just in case), and you’re set.  
For home: A black pair of leggings + a soft crewneck long-sleeve tee = your standard work-from-home, lounge-on-the-couch uniform (and let’s be honest, pajamas, too). 
For outside: A casual bike ride means not having to make the effort to change into actual workout wear, which makes this outfit the very definition of athleisure. Layer on a ribbed henley with thumbholes (which doubles as fingerless gloves) and a puffer vest, and finish your look with the softest pom beanie and sneakers. 

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