3 Insanely Chic IKEA Hacks You Can Actually Do

Photographed by Alexis Bynum.
We'd bet one in three of you reading this article owns an IKEA Kallax bookcase. This is no accusation; the quad unit happens to be a classic — and we love that you can fill it with anything from clothes to office files to kitchen utensils. The size of the cubby is the only constraint. In a tight urban space, it can separate a living room from a kitchen (as it once did for this writer), separate beds in a loft, or can function as, well, an actual bookcase.

But, its greatest allure is its potential to be something ultra chic. Yes, the boring white $49.99 unit can actually be transformed into a statement piece in the kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom. To prove it, we created three DIY hacks in our studio (at three different time-investment levels) that deliver in function and style. Hack away ahead, and share your own tricks in the comments below. #BeyondBasic begins now.

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