I Tried Being A “Say Yes To The Dress” Bridal Consultant

I found the wedding dress of my dreams at Kleinfeld Bridal (yes – the setting of the TLC show!). I only had two appointments and tried on about ten gowns before I landed on “the one.” After my own consultation, I found myself wondering: Does watching a million episodes of Say Yes To The Dress qualify one to become the next best bridal consultant at Kleinfeld? I needed to find out.
In the latest episode of “Lucie for Hire,” I worked alongside Shay Yarbrough, Kleinfeld Bridal Consultant Extraordinaire. He has been featured on multiple seasons of Say Yes and has helped countless brides find their wedding gowns. I worked with bride-to-be Megan – a Refinery29 colleague who generously offered to take part of this video – to help find her perfect dress.
Ultimately, I ended up learning so much more than I expected from the experience.  Every bride-to-be has a different dress in mind, and everyone’s individual personality has such a large influence on their style choices. From designers to cuts to fabrics, there’s so much to know, and it was clear from the start that I had a lot to learn. 
When it came to pulling dresses, it was a bit of a challenge for me to think outside of my own tastes and preferences and to truly visualize Megan’s dream. But by the end of my experience, I felt like I really started to get into the “bridal consultant” groove. This job is not easy – it’s up on your feet, incredibly tiring, and you would never guess how heavy many of these gowns are.
So... does Megan say “yes” to the dress? Watch and find out!