I Love: The YSL Super-Hero Tuxedo Jacket

As a heads up, I’m listening to Houdini RAC Remix as I write this, so take every word with a grain of party salt (and download it, asap). Anyone who knows me is aware of the few things I shamelessly love—Man Repeller, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Shazam, Jay-Z, Chapstick, Justin Bieber (did I really just write that?), Eleni’s cookies, Great Expectations (the all-green movie featuring Gwyneth), eyelash curlers, well-made heels, DANNIJO arm parties, and (drumroll….) power tailored jackets
! The latter always makes me feel instantly prettier and elevates even my laziest jeans-and-a-tee look to ROCK-STAR status. My fashion philosophy has always been day-into-night and effortlessly (i.e.: comfortably!) cool, which is why I’m such a fan of quality statement jewelry and
killer jackets
—they allow you to dress up your look on the go, which is conducive to my entrepreneurial lifestyle.

As a result, there's no question that I'm currently obsessing over this
silk-satin-twill YSL tuxedo number
from NET-A-PORTER. Lest you think it's a typical blazer, oh, no. This baby is no ordinary work number. I love that this jacket is SO reminiscent of that sleek '90s POWERSUIT vibe. Shedding the shoulder-pads of old, the lines on this lean and mean blazer manage to be both potent and sensual. I can totally see myself getting ready for a Thursday night in this—half rapping to Wale’s Mirrors, “What the fans can’t see the mm-mirror gon notice back; Mirror, mirror on the wall, who the realest of them all…” (Another download, please.)

If and when she ends up in my closet, I will treat her like the queen she is, and I'll restrain myself from wearing her on days that may lead to wilder party nights...just so I can preserve her unmistakable beauty—no accidental spills on the dance-floor for this jacket. No, no, this
YSL gem
will get the star treatment forever and ever...or at least as long as she fits me.

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