I Love My… Phil Collins Concert T-Shirt

Almie Rose runs the blog Apocalypstick and also writes for This Recording and Off Our Chests. You can find her regular relationship column in Genlux Magazine.
My favorite item of clothing is an original 1985 "No Jacket Required" Phil Collins concert t-shirt, even though I hate Phil Collins. I bought it at an overpriced vintage store in Manhattan, ironically called "Cheap Jack's," that has since gone out of business. It was in the sale area of the store, which was probably still overpriced. I only picked it up because it made me laugh: I saw a glimpse of the Union Jack, then saw Collins's giant menacing face. I put the shirt down, but I was still laughing, so I picked it back up. After all, Phil Collins has that one song I like, the one he did with Genesis, "That's All." That's a solid song. The back of the T-shirt shows a simple drawing of a blazer with a Ghostbusters' type circle and line through it. Because it's the "No Jacket Required Tour." Get it? Oh that Phil Collins.
I live in Los Angeles now and it's become part of my daytime uniform of black jeans with heels and a blazer. It's the most comfortable t-shirt I own. It's had more than twenty years to relax, so the fibers are loose but not in danger of tearing, and it's thin but not embarrassingly so. I think the best thing about this tee, aside from comfortability, is the fact that I can change his expression depending on where my tee is sitting on my chest, and if I tuck it in. He can look happy, sad, or angry, so that's great. If I ever get bored, I can always play with my T-shirt.

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