I Love My... Kimmy Gibler Jacket

Jane is a San Francisco-based Z-list Internet celebrity who hates writing author bios. You can read about her exploits in S.F.'s Mission District here.
"I bought this jacket on a whim from the Thrift Town on Mission Street when I was 16. I'd been ditching class to sit in Dolores Park, write petulantly in my journal, and scope out the Chrome bags and Bianchi Pistas attached to mediocre, boring dudes sitting on the grass drinking tall cans. I'd gotten cold when the fog rolled in, and $4 later, this jacket made its fortuitous entry into my life. The jacket is early '90s Jordache with all the distinctive styling features, such as an overemphasis on the shoulders, a cropped fit, and breast pockets far below the actual breast. Consequently, I referred to it as my 'Kimmy Gibler Jacket,' because it reminded me of something Kimmy Gibler would have worn on Full House.
"As a teenager, I wore it in spite of the corny '90s sitcom references it drew, because the wash of the denim made my gray eyes look blue, and it fit well over those American Apparel zip-up hoodies (a very important characteristic of 2007). Now, it draws a broader range of pop-cultural references (Christiane F., The Goonies, Ione Skye in the early Keanu classic River's Edge), but the only ones other people have pointed out are to the '90s sitcoms My So Called Life and Roseanne. I don't mind those connotations anymore; channeling a '90s sitcom means channeling a younger, more carefree world, a world in which my only problems are Jordan Catalano and procuring a fifth of Jack Daniel's for a suburban house party…not the worst place to be. When I bought this jacket, I was not unlike Angela Chase, making bad decisions in the throes of teenage angst. Now, as I'm 21, hungover and picking this jacket up off some mediocre, boring dude's floor at 10 a.m., I lovingly stroke its worn-in denim, bask in the growth and accomplishments of my personal journey and think, 'Kimmy Gibler Jacket, you were there.'"

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