I Moved To Rio For My Husband — & I Couldn’t Work For A Year

In our monthly series Not A Trophy Wife, young women open up about how money works in their relationships, whether they are taking significant pay cuts after making a financial windfall, struggling with letting their partner pay for dinners, or trying to make sure they always pay their half.

What has been the most interesting about these conversations isn't the idea that one partner is making more money than the other. In fact, it seems like money problems within relationships don't revolve around the salary figures, but the saving numbers. Is one person more likely to spend money on food, and the other on clothes? Is one person better at saving?
In our fifth installment of Not A Trophy Wife, we chat with a married couple with those exact problems, which have emerged after two international moves — from London to Rio De Janeiro, and from Rio to New York. Ahead, 34-year-old Lisa talks about moving to Rio De Janeiro for her husband's career, only to find herself out of a job for a year.

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