Doggie Bag: Westwood for SATC II, Girbaud Set to Go, and Winehouse Under Attack

pmlinks_0107Vivienne Westwood wants to write the Sex and the City sequel. Please, oh please, oh please! (Telegraph UK)
In a delicate dance of alphabetic names, RVCA will be moving into the old SLB spot on Fairfax. (Blackburn and Sweetzer)
These German anti-bulimia toilets could save lives—and devastate the modeling industry. (The Frisky)
The economy is killing swag. Fashion Week is so gonna suck. (Variety)
Marithé + François Girbaud is joining the retail exodus from Soho. (The Shophound)
The recession has put sensationalist/douche Apollo Braun in the position of selling his overpriced, often racist t-shirts at severe discounts. This is still no reason to buy one. (Racked)
Valentino too was a victim of Bernie Madoff. But don't worry, he'll land on his feet. (The Cut)
Seems Islamo terrorists are targeting Amy Winehouse. If they really wanted to undermine the Western Capitalist Judeo-Christian hegemony, they'd just send her smack and flowers. (Spin)