The Anti-Princessy Way To Wear Pink

We know. It's not Wednesday. How certain community stakeholders decided that today — a Tuesday — would be National Pink Day is something of an oversight, but people have been enjoying wrapping themselves in pink long before Regina, Gretchen, and Karen ever got to it. In fact, the history of fashion's relationship with the color pink is one that belies the color's girly connotations. In 18th century Europe, pink was worn by male and female nobility, and pink eventually became the color for baby boys until about WWII. Today, pink's link with femininity and girlishness is an enduring one; growing up, you either loved pink because of what it stood for or you hated pink because of what it stood for. No girl ever feels lukewarm about the color. Slowly and surely, with gender symbols blurring and folks of all genders becoming more courageous with color, pink is no longer the color for princesses-in-training. It can be a color that's as daring as it is dainty, bold as it is precious. See below for the seven tricks to sneak more pink in your wardrobe. In The Bag — If your day-to-day outfits are neutral, consider swapping out your basic leather tote for one in pastel pink. That particular shade looks great with most black, camel, gray, and white tones.
Painted Lady — Get on board with this spring's painterly prints and look for pieces in boxy, modern silhouettes and a clean, washed-out palette. Splashes of pink and blue aren't as aggressive as primary colors.
Stiff Fine — A petal-pink dress can feel precious, but not if it comes in an aggressive, fashion-forward shape, like a trapeze mini.
Ready Mix — Your pinks don't have to match. Clashing looks best when you're working with a variety of patterns and prints.
Sporty Spice — This year's athleisure trend is the perfect opportunity to play with pink without gearing too girly. Pink against a white net overlay is one of our favorite combinations.
Block Party — Colorblocking's not dead! Break up large swaths of pink with metallic accessories.
Two-Timer — The secret to easily mixing pinks is to choose one that's more shocking and pairing it with one that's more subdued.

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