3 Ways To Ease Into Metallics

Anyone that came of age in the aughts can testify to the power of a little extra shimmer. It seems like everything we used back in the day had a glittery option, from body lotion (kinda miss that TBH) to our fave room decor (er...pass!).

But we get that it's not as easy to pull off sparkles as it was back in homeroom. That's why we tapped fashion editor-at-large Annie Georgia Greenberg to show us three totally wearable, everyday looks incorporating just the right amount of metallic. Watch as she shares her pro tips on classing up metallic tones, from how to pair silver and gold to wearing just the right thing underneath (like the Bali ComfortFlex Fit style that shapes to fit you perfectly). This is everything you need to know for a totally easy approach to holiday dressing this season.

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