Free The Nipple — Just Be Sure To Protect It First

Boobs are having a major moment. Okay, they've always been a delightful body part that has gotten plenty of attention (possibly more from some people than others), but the mood has shifted. With things like the Free The Nipple Instagram campaign, Elle's June issue featuring “Breasts! Fascinating stories from owners, admirers, experts,” and New York magazine having women draw their own boobs, just to name a few, we have been looking at the female breast in a less one-dimensional and more liberating light.
We’re thinking this might inspire some people to take their girls out for a spin this summer, whether at a topless beach, in the privacy of their own backyard, or if they’re lucky, on a trip to Cote d’Azur, where going topless is the norm — or at least used to be. This trend is definitely happening in some places in the States already, so it seemed like a good time to put together together a guide to doing it in the safest way possible.
Your breasts are one of the most sensitive areas on your bod (ugh, can you imagine a burned nipple?) and if you want to flaunt them, you should do it right. So we gathered a few skin experts along with some French women in the beauty industry who have spent plenty of summers at the beach, sans bikini tops, to give us some tips on going au naturel from the preparation, the right products, and most importantly, protection. Read on for the big reveal.

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