If You're A Beauty-Product Hoarder, You Need To Watch This

Some of us are able to calmly and gracefully pick up a few items from Sephora, keep them in an organized space, and move on with our lives. And then there are the makeup hoarders of the world. We stockpile cosmetics — stuffing them in bins, bags, and baskets under our beds, in our drawers, and spilling out of our medicine cabinets. Sometimes it can feel like we're drowning under a sea of liquid highlighters and bronzers. But have you ever tried parting with six Tom Ford lipsticks that are now discontinued? Yeah, that's what I thought.

But fear not, there is hope for us yet. In fact, it's actually pretty easy to get your shit together, without sacrificing the 24 Maybelline cream shadows you know you'll use one day. Don't believe us? Check out the video above. In it, Refinery29's very own Bea Copeland, a video producer and part-time professional organizer, helps one makeup obsessee come to terms with why she hangs on to beauty products.

Then, after their heart-to-heart, Bea gets to work tossing beaucoup blushes, body lotions, and bronzers — all while teaching her client a valuable lesson in product expiration dates. She finishes organizing what's left of the loot using an easy (and cheap!) system of plastic bins and separators. The squeaky-clean "after" shot is compelling enough to make us want to run home and start sorting through our own collections. After we stop by Sephora to check out the sale section, of course.

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