The Cold-Weather Dressing Tips Your Mom Got Right

Moms have a way of stuffing tips and tricks up their sleeves. But there are a few in particular — daily reminders about grabbing a jacket or keeping your elbows off the table — that trigger the most eye rolls. We've all heard those universal mom-isms, and while the constant gentle reprimands may have felt like a nuisance when our "cool" friends were in earshot, the older we get, the happier we are that a few of those tips managed to stick.
A few freezing winters later, we’re begrudgingly thanking our mothers for enforcing small lessons of common sense when it comes to getting dressed. We're looking to Mom's old suggestions this season — and giving them a modern upgrade. (Feel free to insert a healthy dose of leftover teen rebellion by making stylish swaps.) Ahead are the best tips we learned — and finally adopted — for making getting dressed in the cold work. Thanks, Mom.

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