6 Easy Bedroom Tweaks For The Best Sleep Ever

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You spend a third of your life sleeping — why not do it in style? We’re teaming up with Society6, where artists around the world sell original art printed on everything from bedding to iPhone cases, to give one lucky winner a bedroom makeover with a $1,000 Society6 shopping spree and an outrageously comfortable Casper mattress. Sweet dreams do come true! Enter to win here and keep reading for easy bedroom updates that’ll give you a good night’s sleep.
Hotels spend billions of dollars each year on bed linens, pillows, and the elusive search for the perfect mattress. Many of them even employ professional bed testers. (Note to self: Figure out how to get that job.) But, you don't need to stay at a five-star resort to sleep like you're on vacation. These easy bedroom updates can help you get a good night's sleep every night.

Cool Down Your Room
The cool side of the pillow isn’t enough. Multiple studies have shown that the optimal temperature for restful sleep is 60 to 68 degrees. So, turn on a fan, crank the AC, or open the windows.

Put Portable Electronics To Bed Early
Exposure to bright screens inhibits your body’s secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep and wake cycles. An Osaka University study found that respondents who watched TV or surfed online before bed felt more tired than respondents who didn’t — even when they got the same amount of sleep. Experts at Yale suggest powering off devices at least an hour before bedtime and winding down old-school with a book, sheep counting, or myriad other ways.
Turn Out ALL The Lights
Even after you’ve tucked away electronic devices, there’s a good chance that light’s still coming in your room from somewhere. If you can see it, it can affect your beauty sleep. Cover the pulsing lights on your MacBook or cable box, close the blinds, switch off the nightlight (Don’t worry: The Boogeyman retired years ago), or just put on an eye mask and call it a night.

Decorate With Soothing Colors
Paint is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to transform a space. It could also make over your sleep habits. Stick to neutral or calming paint hues, like gray, taupe, or light pastels — avoid vibrant reds and yellows. One 2013 Travelodge study found that people with blue bedrooms got the most ZZZ’s, while people with purple got the least. Purify The Air With A Plant
A stuffy room can wreak havoc on your shut-eye, triggering allergies and even snoring. Adding a plant to your room is an easy way to purify the air and subtly prove your adulthood to all who enter. Any leafy plant will do — as long as you’re not allergic to it, obviously. Low-light plants like pothos and peace lily thrive in almost any room. Personalize Your Pillow
A night on the wrong pillow can keep you tossing and turning. And, many of those nights can send you straight to the chiropractor. To rest easy, buy a pillow suited for your sleep position. WebMD recommends a thinner pillow with extra bottom loft for back-sleepers, a firm pillow for side-sleepers, and two thin pillows (one under the head and one under the stomach) for stomach-sleepers. Ready to upgrade your shut-eye? Don’t sleep on it — enter now for a chance to win a $1,000 Society6 shopping spree and a brand-new Casper mattress!

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