Knee Pain? The Running Tweak That Could Save You

Illustrated By Zhang Qing Yu.
Knees are a touchy subject. Not for any sensitive-content-warning reasons, but rather because the knees are a major source of pain for a lot of people.
A recent study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy found that how your torso is positioned while you run can help reduce the amount of stress placed on your knee joint. After looking at 24 male and female runners who were currently asymptomatic, the study found that having a slight forward lean with your trunk (as opposed to being completely erect) is the optimal positioning.
"A simple way to decrease impact and knee pain," says Equinox trainer and running coach Wes Pedersen, "is to incorporate a slight lean forward in running posture. This gait adjustment should start at the ankle."
The concept of leaning forward isn’t new, in fact it’s part of the Chi Running prescription for preventing knee injury, along with landing on your midfoot. But, anytime science can step in to help fight pain, we’re all ears. And, knees.

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